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Our Team Members

Meet the people behind the magic


DM & MC Briers


The business behind the books. Enthusiastic about books, people and when the two collide. Equipping, encouraging and enabling.


Maxine Leah

Graphic Designer and Organizer

Loves it when a plan comes together, but loves it even more when that plan includes books. Responsible for keeping the site beautiful.


Genevieve Labuschagne

IT Specialist

The perfect combination between an  IT whizz and a bookworm. Knows a good book when she sees it.


Mieke Vermeulen

Head Reviewer

Manages all of the reviews posted on the blog. Creator of lovely ideas. Editor. Designer. Lover of all things beautiful.


Jacone Steyn

Customer Relations

Responsible for keeping our clients happy. If you have ever received an encouraging word from our site, it was from her kind heart.

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