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Who is Chanell?

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Chanell Beukes is a Master Life Coach and the owner of LEWAH Life Coaching. Her passion is to serve and be a channel of life-giving water wherever she goes. Her life coaching company's name, LEWAH, is an acronym for Life With A Heartbeat. The purpose is to develop and enable people in every stage of life with various courses, and training she facilitates. Chanell is also involved in the hosting of Eksderde children's and youth camps every school holiday. She loves being a wife and mom and sees this as her main occupation.

Everyday with Jesus

I accepted Jesus as my Savior at the young age of 8 at a Land Service school camp around a campfire. Unfortunately, God has always felt so far away and busy. I read my Bible, went to Sunday school, read my diary with my mother every night, led VCSV circuit leader groups, and joined our church youth group. It was not until many years later that I discovered a living relationship with Jesus.


I was already 17 years old when I went to my first Eksderde youth camp, and my life changed irrevocably. Concepts such as "God made me for a specific purpose on earth, but my first and most important purpose is to have a relationship with Him" and "God can and wants to talk to me every day about everything, even if it is not that important not" deepened my understanding of Christianity.

That's my real purpose with this book! I want to save your child years of walking around God. If your 9, 13-year-old or even 16-year-old child can understand that they do not have to be afraid of God but can take Jesus' gift of forgiveness and that we now have the Holy Spirit who is our best friend, we set them up for a full life with significant impact.

I later became involved in hosting Eksderde Youth and Children's Camps. I now have the privilege of being part of the team that offers free camps every school holiday and sharing the message of my relationship with Jesus. You and I can hear His voice and make the right decisions without carrying many hurt and side effects of wrong choices with me.

I pray that this book will grow the hearts of parents, grandparents, teachers, and children closer to one another as we discover these truths together daily.


Hettie Brittz

Hettie Brittz is a South African-born author, international speaker, and a foremost voice in parenting advice and personality styles. She is the author of (un)Natural Mom, the developer of the Evergreen Parenting Course, and the codeveloper of Tall Trees Profiles. She heads up Tall Trees Consulting (USA)

With this book, Chanell makes our and our children's lives richer. She makes the adventure of being a Christian so practical that we can feel, smell, hear, see and taste it. And she does this without watering down one core truth. With clear words and understandable images, abstract concepts such as spiritual gifts and the Holy Spirit's voice are explained accurately. But simply enough for every child and every adult who wants to believe like a child again.

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André Bronkhorst

André Bronkhorst Internationally known prophetic minister has been working full-time in ministry since a teenager.

With a strong exhorted focus, a unique testimony and ministry of intimacy, and fellowship with the Lord, André travels extensively as a New Testament prophet promoting and strengthening the prophetic gifts and ministry of others. His passion is ‘teaching, demonstrating, and ‘stirring up’ the prophetic in churches, and conferences.He is also the founder of Eksderde Youth Camps

Being called to raise up the next generation is one of the greatest callings. Teaching a message that is relevant for the future makes this book and the writer significant. 

Chanell is an excellent communicator with a message that has eternal value. Children and youth are the future. Investing in them now is vital. 

She has overcome many obstacles in her personal life and bears a powerful testimony of forgiveness.

The passion for training and equipping others still burns in the author's heart, and over the years, she proves her commitment to the calling of God.

Introducing children to the Voice of God and the Holy Spirit at an early age will make it easier for them to grow spiritually and develop a lifelong close friendship with the Holy Spirit.

I would highly recommend this book to every parent and child. It will lay a solid foundation for building a solid future. I firmly believe that a true Kingdom citizen always has the next generation in mind.

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The best gift you can give a child is guidance for an intimate, personal relationship with Jesus. It's easier said than done! As a parent, grandparent, or someone with a heart for children, it is certainly a challenging task to explain concepts to Primary School children such as the Holy Spirit, what the gifts are, how to hear God's voice, and what my purpose of creation is. This book is your practical guide that makes it easy and fun! Come learn and grow together.

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